Lynn Jurich, Ed Fenster in Inc.’s “Entrepreneurs We Love, 2010”

December 8, 2010

Sunrun President Lynn Jurich on the cover of Inc Magazine's "Entrepreneurs We Love" issue.Inc. Magazine loves Sunrun, and we love them too!  Inc. Magazine featured Sunrun President Lynn Jurich and CEO Edward Fenster in their December 2010 issue: “Entrepreneurs We Love, 2010,” with Lynn on the front cover.  Other favorite entrepreneurs included those on a social mission, tech innovators, and other interesting entrepreneurs, such as the founder of Funny or Die, Will Ferrell.

Inc. focuses on Lynn’s approach to risk (deciding to “go for broke by starting a company”), along with her insight about homeowner aversion to risk.  Sunrun was founded on the principle that while most people recognize the benefits of solar power, most consumers don’t want to take the risk of spending a large up front cash payment for solar panels and waiting to recoup their investment.

With their investment-firm experience in fundraising and finance, Ed and Lynn saw the cleantech challenge as a financial one and created a company that allows homeowners to install solar panels at little or no cost.  Not only does the homeowner win, but so do Sunrun, the utility companies (as peak demand and grid strain decreases), and of course, the environment.

Read more about Lynn and Ed, as well as the other entrepreneurs included in Inc.’s “Entrepreneurs We Love, 2010” issue.