How to Score Black Friday-Worthy Deals Every Day

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Black Friday: the unofficial holiday when retail promotions peak, and the winter holiday shopping season kicks off. Americans across the country scour the Web or wake up before dawn to beat the crowds and score bargains on their most wanted products. But deals don’t only have to happen on one day designated by the stores. With the hype of Black Friday on the horizon, here are four out-of-the-box ideas for landing the best deals all year long.

Anticipate the season before it arrives. When purchasing seasonal items like clothes, prices tend to be higher right before the seasons change. Avoid this by purchasing items like your winter coat or that grill you’ve been eyeing for summer barbecues a couple of seasons early – you’ll likely be able to get a great deal and beat peak season costs.

Be an informed shopper. Many people often find themselves without something they need then sprint to the nearest store to purchase it without a second thought. This sense of urgency tends to cause consumers to overpay for goods. Doing even a few minutes of Internet research beforehand allows you find the closest, cheapest location that stocks exactly what you need.

Subscribe to email lists for tailored deals. Many companies offer deals to those who opt in to receive regular communication from them. You can score major savings (even ahead of other shoppers) at your favorite shopping spots if you opt in to receive an email newsletter here and there. Choose your favorite brands and sign up for their mailing list – sometimes you can even get exclusive deals but only if you’re on the list.

Start with your home. Home heating, cooling and electricity can be your most expensive bill, often because consumers aren’t aware of their options. Now more than ever, homeowners are finding ways to cut their electricity bill by making the switch to solar. Home solar companies like Sunrun make it simple and affordable to get a solar system customized for your family’s needs and save 20 percent or more on electricity. Make all of your days bright by switching to solar today!

Getting a good deal starts with research. Visit to learn more about how switching to solar can help you save money and provide you with a cleaner, smarter home. For even more savings on Black Friday and all year long, skip the shopping and get outside to enjoy the sun.

Christa Keizer is the Social Media Manager at Sunrun

Why New Homeowners Should Consider Going Solar

If you recently bought a new home, you’re probably still getting used to your new expenses, such as window coverings, ceiling fans, furniture, and utility bills. The first three are one-time expenses, but your utility bills will just keep coming. If your electric bill is greater than $100, it’s time to consider buying or leasing solar panels. In fact, going solar can benefit you in multiple ways.

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You’ll Save Money

One of the most popular reasons for new homeowners to look into solar is the is the potential to save money. Moreover, with solar you are able to lock in your energy rates for 20 years, which will protect you from future energy cost increases. Even if savings are modest in the beginning, you’ll save even more as electricity rates rise. (more…)

Navigating Change – Insights from the 5th Annual U.S. Solar Market Insight Conference

Last week I joined some of the top minds in solar at Greentech Media’s 5th Annual U.S. Solar Market Insight Conference to discuss the evolution of the U.S. solar industry.

It is clear that we’re at the confluence of exciting trends – such as the declining cost of solar and new possibilities for solar storage. In my remarks I made sure to link these to the future of the federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for solar energy. The solar industry needs to stand together to ensure that policies like the ITC that are working can continue to promote innovation in a monopoly-driven sector like electricity.


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The cost benefits of solar don’t end with lower energy costs. Sunrun offers generous referral rewards to customers and non-customers alike who refer their friends to go solar. As a Sunrun Ambassador, you get access to the status of your referrals – from confirmation of your referral submission to the status of your referral reward.

With Sunrun Ambassador, you can:
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