Show Your Support for Climate Week 2015

#CWNYC is the official hashtag for Climate Week kicking off today in New York City. The organizer of Climate Week is The Climate Group, an award-winning non-profit organization committed to a low-carbon future. I have an immense amount of respect for this organization and their belief that investing in low carbon energy and technology is part of the solution to low carbon growth.

This week-long event gives innovative business and government leaders a high-profile platform to share their climate change agendas. Their intention is to pressure United Nations delegates to adopt more robust policies when they meet at The World Climate Summit (COP21) in Paris this December. (more…)

Sunrun Brings Solar Leasing to South Carolina

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Solar is making headway in the Southeast, and South Carolina is taking the lead. Today we’re announcing that Sunrun is the first to offer solar leasing to homeowners. With our solar lease, also known as BrightSave, South Carolina residents now have the choice to go solar and begin saving immediately on their electric bills with little to no money down. Homeowners simply pay for the power, not the panels. (more…)

Three Ways to Save Money with Sunrun Solar

To accomplish our mission to create a planet run by the sun, we’re determined to make solar as accessible to as many homeowners as possible. Today we announced our enhanced suite of solar offerings to consumers. This includes the Sunrun BrightAdvantage loan, which is now available with either a 12- or 20-year term.

For homeowners who want to own their solar system, Sunrun’s BrightAdvantage removes the barriers that were previously associated with owning a solar system, such as high upfront cost, demanding interest rates and limited financing options. With BrightAdvantage, Sunrun provides easy access to financing through select financial partners, and both loan options offer competitive borrowing costs with the 12-year term offering a 3.99% APR and the 20-year offering 4.99% APR.

Sunrun has also added new tools and information about solar payment options to our website to help homeowners navigate the process of going solar and choose the right product for them.

 photo Sunrun-Product-Suite-Graphic_zpsfvfgqgql.png (more…)

Five Easy Ways to Save for College

A college education helps create a bright future, but the costs are rising rapidly. That can leave parents and students with tricky choices to settle on, like whether or not to take on debt. With some simple planning, paying for college won’t seem so daunting. Below are some tips on creative ways to start saving for college.
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1) Make Saving a Family Affair

While the most significant portion of saving for a college education is usually held responsible by parents and students, asking family members to participate in the process can be both helpful to parents and rewarding for gift-givers. When possible, encourage grandparents, aunts, uncles, and close family friends to specifically donate to a child’s college fund with a crowdfunding tool rather than simply buying gift cards or giving cash. That way, everyone pitch in.

2) Make a Plan

Long-term savings options like Roth IRAs and 529 College Savings Plans can help you easily save money and enjoy modest tax benefits as well. IRAs may have retirement in the name, but these accounts can also be used as a savings vehicle for college. Roth IRAs are a particularly attractive option, since they deduct taxes at the holder’s current tax rate and then provide a tax-free disbursement later on. Starting an account early means kids will be able to benefit from compounding and could potentially withdraw penalty-free when it’s time for college. (more…)