Take Action with Sunrun to Protect Rooftop Solar in California

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In late December, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) released a proposed decision on the future of net metering. The proposal keeps net metering intact while suggesting a few changes that serve as a compromise. The solar industry would need to work to adapt to these changes, but we are open to the compromise, particularly because the proposal preserves the underlying net metering structure. Rooftop solar supporters across California applauded the proposal to keep net metering and have urged the five commissioners to stand by that commitment to solar growth.

Unfortunately California’s three investor-owned utilities (PG&E, SDG&E and SCE) don’t share the same outlook. Rooftop solar is a threat to their outdated, monopoly business model and they will take any swipe possible to push energy choice off the table. The utilities made a last-ditch attempt to squander solar by creating a new and procedurally improper proposal that would saddle homeowners with solar taxes and eliminate net metering. (more…)

Solar’s Future is Bright

 photo LYNN_YF6L5117201_zpsgobjqvmm.jpgLynn Jurich, co-founder and chief executive officer of Sunrun, looks to the future of the energy industry and the various factors catalyzing clean energy adoption. Sunrun is the largest dedicated residential solar company in the United States.

In 2015, consumers and government leaders demanded cleaner, cheaper energy. As an industry, we heard you and we’re delivering.

Here’s why I believe the future of energy is already here, in 2016 and beyond.

The World is Looking for Climate Solutions
Change starts with a conversation. In 2015, the dialogue around climate change picked up steam – from domestic and global policy makers to the private sector, to our friends and neighbors. It’s clear that climate change is the pressing challenge of our generation and immediate action is critical. Solar is meeting this growing demand to decarbonize our energy sources. (more…)

January 2016 Update on Sunrun’s Operations in Nevada

We are sincerely disappointed to inform our Nevada customers that on Jan. 1, 2016, Nevada Commissioners adopted new anti-solar policies, including an increase in fixed fees and a reduced rate NV Energy pays solar homeowners for the excess power they produce.

A previous statement from Sunrun mentioned that we are ceasing operations in Nevada as a result of this decision. To clarify, Sunrun will continue to service our existing post-install Nevada solar customers throughout the lifetime of their Sunrun agreement. However, Sunrun is no longer pursuing new customers in the state of Nevada in response to the PUC’s anti-solar ruling. (more…)

Now Available: mySunrun for iOS, Android and Web

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Today we’re excited to announce the availability of our mobile and web customer tool, mySunrun. mySunrun includes an improved customer website and new mobile application, which provide Sunrun customers with new ways to track production, socially share savings insights with friends, and manage their Sunrun accounts.

With mySunrun, customers have access to the following capabilities:
Electricity tracking: At the touch of a button, users can access their solar electricity production in real-time and monitor their solar system’s production by week, month and year.
Social sharing: With built-in social media tools, mySunrun makes it easy for customers to share the benefits of going solar with family and friends. Homeowners can have fun sharing facts about the electricity their system has generated with others via Facebook, Twitter and through text messages, demonstrating how home solar not only saves them money, but also is good for
Easy referrals: mySunrun makes it simple for customers to instantly and on the go refer others to Sunrun. Customers can view past referrals and money earned on the app or though the mySunrun website. (more…)