Celebrating the Power of One

Think your small contributions to creating a planet by the sun aren’t significant? Think again! We’re celebrating the impact that everyone has on creating a brighter future for our planet. Join us by sharing this infographic, encouraging a friend to go solar, or starting a new career with Sunrun.

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Power forward!

The Sunrun Team

The Power is Yours this Earth Day

 photo Earth Day Social Ask_zpshdhxx7fq.pngAt Sunrun, we come to work each day to save our customers money while creating a planet run by the sun. In many ways, every day is Earth Day! But we can’t do it alone, and that’s why we’re thankful for every single Sunrun solar home, solar supporter, solar employee, and solar policy. This Earth Day, we’re celebrating the impact that every single person has on creating a planet run by the sun. We hope you’ll join us in our celebration!

Sunrunners Volunteer with GRID Alternatives

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Sunrunners based in the San Francisco headquarters swapped cubicles for a rooftop.

Even with dark, storm clouds looming over, Sunrunners were undeterred from their mission at handconstructing a rooftop solar system for low-income Oakland, CA residents, Victor and Estella. Seeking ways to save and control their finances, the homeowners were selected by the solar non-profit, GRID Alternatives, to receive clean, affordable energy at a very low cost.

Through GRID Alternatives’ partnership with Sunrun, 20 Sunrunners based in the San Francisco headquarters then swapped their office desks for a rooftop and spent two days in March to help install Victor and Estella’s system. (more…)

Solar is Looking Up Down South

 photo a568d977-e385-48cf-a395-c259c742ca94_zpshwcx3fce.jpg
Since bringing Sunrun solar to South Carolina in June 2015, and adding our BrightSave solar lease in September of that year, we’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of enthusiasm that Southerners have for solar. Our 130 South Carolina employees have already helped more than one thousand homeowners go solar.

Less than a year after our South Carolina debut, we’re excited to expand with a new warehouse and office to enable more homeowners to save with solar. And we know South Carolinians are ready, too — in 2014 alone, South Carolinians invested $3 million in solar installations.

Ready to go solar? See if your home qualifies.